Meet The Founders

Lindsay Stone

As an Autistic person who advocates for the equity not equality, I believe my uniqueness is what shapes the way I approch my work.   I aim to create something that not only looks great, but also can speak to important issues like social justice and workers' rights.

This isn't just a t-shirt company to me, it's also an action.

Jayne Fox

With over 7 years of success running my own business, I've learned the art of dedication. I love beautiful design and embracing the quirky.  Most importantly what sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to helping others.

When you're working with me, you know you're in good hands.




We're an independent DIY print shop based in Metro Detroit that's all about creating awesome graphic tees. Our goal is to make cool, counter-culture-inspired tees that are affordable and accessible to everyone.


We love using t-shirts as a conversation starter, and we think that our designs are a great way to express yourself and your ideas to the world. Plus, our tees are super comfortable, so you'll feel good and look great while wearing them.


We take pride in the fact that we print everything in our own shop using cutting-edge technology, which allows us to create some of the most durable, vibrant, and flexible prints on the market.


Our prints are so durable that we've been able to drag them across concrete without the design cracking or peeling, but they're also soft to the touch and flexible, making them a comfortable wear.


At Fan Club Shirts, we're all about accessibility and inclusivity, which is why we don't use gendered language in our sizing or products. We believe that everyone should be able to wear what they love, and we're committed to making that a reality.

We're a small staff of creatives who are passionate about our work, and we believe in paying people a livable wage. We also think that work shouldn't take over your life, so we're committed to creating a work environment that is welcoming, flexible, and meets people on their level.

Thanks for checking us out! We can't wait to see you in one of our tees.


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