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It’s no secret that being environmentally friendly is essential.

We’re Doing Our Part!

You know what’s cooler than plastisol screen-prints? Water-based ink, that doesn’t require harsh chemicals or toxic dyes.

Our approach also produces practically no waste, so you can rest easy knowing that we didn’t discard anything after printing your t-shirt!


You know what’s better than environmentally friendly t-shirts?

Recycled ones!

We have found a shirt that is soft, comfortable and stylish. Our shirts are made from recycled fabric and your old water bottles.

Because the fabric is never re-dyed, you’ll have an amazing garment to wear in public with your friends while also assisting to preserve our water supply.…and it’s all while expressing yourself!


We pay close attention to the materials we use for packaging.

Even our shipping labels are recycled !

Our shirts are wrapped in 100 percent recycled crafting paper. We also utilize a polybag made of 100% recycled material, with half coming from previous debris. 

What about larger orders? No problem—all boxes are composed of 100 percent recycled content, with 95 percent coming from post-consumer waste.